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Martin D. Glazer

Bachelor of Arts - University of Winnipeg - 1978
Bachelor of Law - University of Manitoba - 1981
Call to the Manitoba Bar - 1982

Martin Glazer has practiced criminal law exclusively since he was called to the Manitoba Bar in 1982. He has represented clients from all walks of life, and has defended people accused of almost every type of crime. He takes pride in thoroughly preparing for trial and passionately speaking up for his clients. He has been involved in numerous jury trials, appeared in all Manitoba Courts for bail applications, preliminary hearings and trials, and has argued many appeals in the Manitoba Court of Appeal. He has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa four separate times on a variety of criminal cases including a stolen property case in 1987, a sexual assault case in 1988, a breach of trust case involving a conditional sentence (house arrest) which was upheld on appeal in 1999, and a first degree murder mistrial case in 2001. High profile cases have dominated his career. Many of his criminal cases have appeared in the newspapers, radio and television. He has a keen interest in fighting for the underdog. His compassion for people accused of crime underscores his commitment to helping everyone he can from the impoverished defendant to the wealthy celebrity.


1995 recipient of first annual Manitoba Bar Association pro bono award in recognition of community commitment and defence of mentally challenged client.

  • Member of Canadian Bar Association for over 30 years
  • Former chair of Civil Liberties section (now called Constitutional and Human Rights section) of Manitoba Bar Association for over 5 years
  • Former executive member and vice president of Manitoba Criminal Defence Lawyers Association
  • Contributing author of criminal litigation written module for Success Compucollege in 1999
  • Guest speaker and author of paper on criminal law topic at third annual Crown-Defence conference in 2004
  • Guest speaker on criminal law at Success Compucollege legal secretarial class in 2004
  • Appearances on CJOB radio talk show in 2004-2005 in respect of involvement in criminal cases dealing with illegal search and seizure, murder trials and appeals
  • Appearances on CTV, Global, and CBC television newscasts in relation to high profile cases
  • Interviewed on Joy TV in one hour televised program on wrongful convictions in 2009
  • Guest speaker on wrongful convictions at Robertson Career College in 2011
  • Guest speaker on self defence/murder cases at St. John's-Ravenscourt School in 2013
  • Interviewed on CBC radio talk show The Current in January 2014 in regard to the need for community-based living alternatives to jail for special needs adults who possess the minds of children under 12
  • "Getting Away with Murder: Practice Tips on Defending Murder Cases at the Pre-trial Stage" (2012)
  • "Making the Case for Bail in Canada" (2014)
  • "Diminishing DNA Evidence in Criminal Prosecutions" (2015)
  • Defence of Canadian boxing champion on a variety of charges (1987-89)
  • Man found not guilty of sexual assault after a jury trial (1993)
  • Charges dropped in connection with a drive by shooting case after court ruled that confession coerced by police (1996)
  • Elderly man’s charges dropped in assisted suicide case involving his elderly wife (1998)
  • Man found not guilty in three separate arson trials (1992, 1994, 1997)
  • Woman's second degree murder charge dropped due to false confession (2003)
  • Drug charge involving crack cocaine dismissed at trial after court ruled that client's constitutional rights were violated by police search of her person and her motor vehicle and by police questioning her in violation of her right to counsel (2004)
  • First degree murder charge involving D.N.A. evidence dismissed at preliminary hearing (2005)
  • First degree murder accused granted bail pending trial in connection with shooting death at hotel bar (2006)
  • Jury trial adjourned and man granted bail on first degree murder charge (2007)
  • Attempted murder charge dropped in connection with shooting at nightclub in which four persons wounded. Man pleaded guilty to lesser charges and sentenced to additional six years after time already served (2008)
  • Precedent setting Court of Queen's Bench ruling permits man charged with first degree murder to call United States expert on eyewitness identification weaknesses to testify in jury trial (2008)
  • Second degree murder charge reduced to manslaughter in shooting death and man sentenced to additional five years after time already served (2008)
  • Woman's second degree murder charge involving stabbing death of female victim dismissed after preliminary hearing (2008)
  • Mentally ill man found not criminally responsible of second degree murder in stabbing death (2009)
  • Child pornography addicted man sentenced to pay $4000.00 fine and serve 90 days on weekends for possession and distribution of child pornography (2010)
  • Jury mistrial declared in Stony Mountain Penitentiary beating death case (2010)
  • Man granted bail pending trial on second degree murder charge involving transgendered sex trade worker (2010)
  • Attempted murder charge dropped against shooter who wounded man with .45 calibre handgun outside Portage Place mall. Man pleaded guilty to lesser charges and sentenced to additional 64 months after time already served (2010)
  • Disabled man in wheelchair granted bail from Winnipeg Remand Centre on numerous domestic violence related charges (2011)
  • Elderly man fined $1000.00 after killing neighbour while backing vehicle out of parking spot (2011)
  • Transgendered man found not guilty of manslaughter (2011)
  • Newspaper editor sentenced to minimum 90 day jail sentence for distribution of child pornography and an additional 30 days for possession of child pornography (2011)
  • Home burglary charges dismissed after man's videotaped confession to police is ruled not free and voluntary and therefore inadmissible (2012)
  • Second degree murder charge dropped in beating death - hypothermia case where evidence pointed to someone else (2012)
  • Robbery charges dismissed at preliminary hearing after judge ruled accused person merely present at crime scene and not a participant (2012)
  • Man found not guilty of dangerous weapon charge involving road rage/gun incident in which police SWAT team employed during arrest (2012)
  • Man sentenced to house arrest after vicious beating outside bar resulting in hospitalization and surgery of victim (2012)
  • Mentally challenged man sentenced to house arrest for nine counts of arson in residential areas in Winnipeg and 13 similar charges dropped (2012)
  • Restaurant owner spared prison sentence for seven charges of possession of black market pharmaceutical drugs for the purpose of trafficking and instead sentenced to house arrest and probation (2013)
  • Manslaughter charge dropped in connection with "murder mansion" death of male after cause of death discovered to be accidental drug overdose and not assault (2013)
  • Life sentence avoided after two second degree murder charges dropped against 54-year-old man who pleaded guilty to lesser charges of manslaughter x 2 and sentenced to time already served and 18 years in case of separate killings of missing women; third second degree murder charge involving a third missing woman and unrelated charges of sexual assault with a weapon and sexual assault x 2 involving three female complainants subsequently dropped (2013)
  • Man found not guilty of second degree murder and assault with a weapon due to self defence after a jury trial in stabbing death of gang member (2013)
  • Man found not guilty of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and possession of a restricted firearm involving a pound of cocaine and a loaded 9mm Luger handgun found in a car he occupied (2014)
  • Woman's charges of manslaughter, arson x 2, and conspiracy to commit arson dropped in house fire case where occupant died. She pleaded guilty to lesser charge of possession of explosive substance and was sentenced to house arrest (2014)
  • Man found not guilty of second degree murder and assault with a weapon after a jury trial in connection with stabbing death of male outside Canad Inn Polo Park (2015)
  • Second degree murder charge against alleged gang member dropped in case where 29 year old man went missing but body never found and police believed he had been beaten and then shot to death (2015)
  • Man found not guilty of second degree murder after guilty plea to manslaughter in stabbing death of male outside Thriftlodge Hotel in Winnipeg and sentenced to time already served and 28 months jail (2016)
  • Sexual assault charge dropped against man accused of rape of woman in broad daylight on city street. (2017)
  • Man's charges of sexual assault and sexual interference dropped in connection with accusation by girl under 14. (2017)
  • Man found not guilty of sexual assault, assault and unlawful confinement of girlfriend after five day trial in Court of Queens Bench. (2017)
  • Attempted murder charges x five and multiple firearm charges dropped against man accused of shooting from motor vehicle he was in at motor vehicle containing five occupants in which two passengers each lost an eye. (2017)
  • 24-year-old man found not guilty of second-degree murder after three week jury trial in connection with stabbing death of drug dealer in crack cocaine house after relying on the criminal defence of self-defence. (2017)
  • Second degree murder charge reduced to manslaughter in connection with August 2011 stabbing death of male in Osborne Village area of Winnipeg and man sentenced to 6 years. (2017)
  • Life sentence avoided by man with criminal record after guilty plea to manslaughter instead of second-degree murder and sentenced to 14 years after drug dealer fatally shot in head at close range in motor vehicle. (2017)
  • Man found not guilty of sexual assault and sexual interference in connection with underage stepdaughter. (2018)
  • Man charged with first degree murder in connection with wife’s death granted bail (2019)
  • Man charged with five bank robberies and two restaurant robberies involving various weapons including fake bombs granted bail (2019)
  • Man who faked own kidnapping and demanded over $60,000 in ransom money avoids a criminal record and receives a conditional discharge (2020)
  • Murder
  • Armed Robbery
  • Sexual Assault
  • Break Enter and Theft
  • Arson
  • Computer Crime
  • Trafficking in Narcotics
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Theft from Employer
  • Fraud
  • Firearm and Weapon Offences
  • Extortion
  • Conspiracy
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